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Vaitharana Bastikarma in Gridhrasi

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Evaluation of Efficacy of Vaitharana Bastikarma in the management of Gridhrasi with special reference to Sciatica. Satheesh. R. Post graduate department of Panchakarma, Shri D. G. Melmalagi Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag – 582103

Bastikarma is the most important among the Panchakarmas. It has already been proved that the karma is beneficial in managing the neurological disorders. Gridhrasi is a common disease to all class of people, now a days, and can be correlated to Sciatica. The study ‘ Evaluation of the efficacy of Vaitharana Bastikarma in the management of Gridhrasi with special reference to Sciatica’ is focused on this common disease Gridhrasi. A cost effective combination of bastidravya is taken for the trial from Vangasenasamhitha.

The objectives of the study are to evaluate the efficacy of Vaitharanabasti in Gridhrasi and to evaluate the role of Bastikarma in Gridhrasi. The study is a prospective clinical trial, in a single group of 30 patients, where all the patients received Vaitharanabasti for 8 days after local abhyanga and sweda, a pariharakala for 8 days and follow up for 1 month.

Subjective parameters are the chief and associated complaints of Gridhrasi and the objective parameters are straight leg raising test (SLR), movements of the lumbar spine – forward flexion, right and left lateral flexion and walking time. Assessments are done before the treatment and after follow up. In the study 23 patients responded moderately i.e. 50-75% relief in signs and symptoms and 7 patients responded mildly i.e. below 50% relief in signs and symptoms. All the parameters showed highly significant except the parameter sosha (by using paired t test).

Gridhrasi is a shoola pradhana vatavyadhi and of 2 types Vataja and Vatakaphaja. The most common cause for the disease is IVDP with lumbar spondylosis. The bastidravya possess amahara-shoolahara-sodhahara-sankochahara-brimhana property at any stage of the disease. The disease Gridhrasi has all the conditions associated with itshoola, sthamba, sankocha, sodha (inflammation), and amatva (in vatakaphaja). The treatment principle is brimhana too. So, here by, it is clear that Vaitaranabasti is an apt choice in Gridhrasi.